California Becomes 43rd State to Join the Powerball

Today makes another big day in the Powerball calendar as ticket sales open today, Monday 8th, for the first time in a part of America. The state in question is California and today they become the 43rd state to join the Powerball, which means players in this state now have the chance to become a multi-millionaire overnight thanks to the Powerball. Known as the Golden State, California previously only offered players the other multi-state American lottery, the Mega Millions, however from today they will offer both of these popular lotteries.

To celebrate this state joining the Powerball the drawing in this lottery, which normally takes place in Florida, will take place in Sacramento for the first draw in which California is part of this lottery game, which will be on Wednesday.

California will offer players in the state the chance to win the latest Powerball jackpot twice a week however it won’t offer the additional game to players that is the PowerPlay. In this extra draw players have the chance to increase their winnings if they opt for the PowerPlay however, this won’t be available in California as all prizes in this state by law are pari-mutual, and the PowerPlay can’t be applied to pari-mutual prizes.

This states lottery officials, which is The California Lottery Commission, all voted unanimously to join the Powerball in November 2012 and it is believed that offering this lottery in California will bring an additional $50 million to the public school system.

Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot stands at an estimated at $60 million so make sure you have your tickets ready because you never know, you could have a winning Powerball ticket!

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Written by Grace Mee

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