Changes Coming to the Australian Powerball on 1st March 2013

Recently there has been a lot of coverage regarding the UK Lotto changing its gameplay in autumn 2013, however now another world lottery has hit the headlines as it is also changing. The changes are happening to the Australian Powerball, one of the most popular lotteries in Australia, and will take place on the 1st March 2013. These game enhancements will include big jackpots more often and a new prize tier which means more winners. Let’s take a look at how the Australian Powerball will change come the 1st March.

The draw itself won’t change, therefore six numbers will still be drawn from a selection of 40 numbers and then an additional Powerball number will still be drawn from a selection of 20 – the things that are changing in the Autralian Powerball are the prizes.

First of all the new introduction of a prize tier means that you will now become a winner in the Australian Powerball when you match two of the main numbers drawn plus the Powerball. This new prize will be known as the Division 8 prize and this new introduction of a prize means that the odds of becoming a winner in this lottery have dropped from 1 in 120 to 1 in 78.

In addition to that the changes also hope to bring bigger jackpots more often because when the Australian Powerball reaches $10 million and there is still no jackpot winner the Division 1 prize in this lottery is expected to increase by $10 million each week.

All these changes mean that the overall Australian Powerball ticket price will increase slightly however, with the addition of a new prize tier and the chance to win bigger jackpots more often it will be interesting to see if the Australian Powerball will increase in popularity after these changes take place.

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Written by Lottie McDonald

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