El Gordo Navidad

The El Gordo Navidad is not only one of the oldest Spanish lotteries but also one of the most popular. However, this special lottery isn’t just played by local residents as it has developed into a world lottery as people all over this globe take part in this mammoth lottery in the hope of winning a prize.

El Gordo Navidad
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The El Gordo Navidad, known as the Christmas jackpot, takes place every year on the 22nd December and have become a tradition in Spain as groups of people gather together to not only buy tickets but also to watch the five hour long draw.

El Gordo Navidad Prizes

This Spanish lottery is one of the richest in the world due to the impressive prize pool offered. The prize pool on offer can easily surpass the €2 billion mark which means that copious amounts of ticket holders all become prizes due to the sheer number of prizes on offer to win.

The prize breakdown for the top five prizes in the El Gordo Navidad is as follows:

Prize Divisions
Total Prizes
El Gordo Navidad first prize
Match all 5 numbers of the 1st prize
Second prize
Match all 5 numbers of the 2nd prize
Third prize
Match all 5 numbers of the 3rd prize
Fourth prize
Match all 5 numbers of the 4th prize
Fifth prize
Match all 5 numbers of the 5th prize

*prize values are for per Billete (full ticket)

How to Play the El Gordo Navidad

Tickets in the El Gordo Navidad are sold in a unique system. You can either buy a whole ticket which is known in Spain as a billete or you can purchase a tenth of a billete which is known as a decimo. All tickets are then sold in different series which can mean that the same number can be printed up to 190 times.

El Gordo Navidad draws take place in Madrid and people watch all the numbers drawn. The winning numbers are drawn from two machines call bombos and school children take it in turns to sing out the winning number alongside the prize.

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