EuroMillions and Powerball Jackpots Both Roll Past $/€ 100 Million

This week sees two of the biggest world lotteries have some rather impressive jackpots on offer to win. Both the EuroMillions and Powerball jackpots have rolled past the $/€ 100 million mark after multiple rollovers. This means that the EuroMillions has an eight times rollover jackpot that is estimated at €101 million (£81 million) and then the American multi-state lottery the Powerball has a jackpot that is worth $110 million on offer to win – but will this week see any of these impressive top prizes won or will they carry on rolling over?

The first top prize of the week comes from the EuroMillions which is available to win tonight. The EuroMillions has rolled over several times now to reach the amount that is on offer to win this evening so it will be interesting to see if come tonight’s draw this EuroMillions jackpot will be won. If you are stuck on what numbers to play tonight then why not let a random number generator select your numbers for you – to get your random numbers head to

Tomorrow night then sees the Powerball mid-week draw take place in which the jackpot is estimated at $110 million. This jackpot has rollover over a total of seven times to reach the amount available to win tomorrow night so it will be interesting to see whether any players can strike lucky. Also as American is currently experiencing bad weather through Hurricane Sandy it will be interesting to see whether this will affect ticket sales for not just the Powerball but other state lotteries such as the NY Lottery and Ohio Lottery. To read more about American lotteries head to

*We will bring you information regarding lottery draws in American if any of them are cancelled or delayed, but currently (Tuesday 30th October) all lottery draws in the USA are taking place as normal.*

Written by Lottie McDonald

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