Euromillions Guaranteed €100 / £80 million Draw Tonight

After a thrilling and nail biting week on many lotteries, the week will culminate with a one off special Euromillions jackpot of €100 / £80 million. The jackpot is similar to the Euromillion Superdraws which occur several times a year, and this whopping jackpot has been creating by using surplus money in the Prize Fund. Even without the additional funds, the Euromillions top prize was still looking healthy after the jackpot last Tuesday 25th September 2012 reached €33 / £27 million, but as there were no winners this jackpot was “topped up” to create the €100 million.

Superdraws and Event draws are quite rare on the Euromillions calendar, and will occur either when there is an event to celebrate – such as the anniversary of the Euromillions – or when there is sufficient extra cash in the Prize Fund to warrant the special draw. Plus, it’s a win-win situation for the Euromillions and its players, as bigger jackpots mean more players, more players mean higher ticket sales and more ticket sales means more prize money!

Euromillions organisers are predicting a sudden rush of ticket sales today and in the lead up to the draw tonight, so make sure you do not buy your tickets at the last minute! Occasionally, lottery ticket sales terminals can suffer problems from sudden increases in ticket sales, so players are advised to buy tickets in plenty of time so there is no risk of getting stuck in a queue!

Alternatively of course, you could simply log on to your online account and purchase tickets in your lunch break, without needing to brave the weather, queues and the ticket machines! Whatever you decide to do, you must be in it to win it, so good luck to all who are playing and let’s hope we see some winners this weekend!

Written by Grace Mee

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