European Lotteries Rollover Weekend

This weekend saw a rollover spree for the biggest lotteries in Europe, including the Euromillions and the EuroJackpot, as no jackpot winners were found. The two multi country lotteries, the Euromillions and the EuroJackpot, will therefore see single rollover jackpots on offer this week, but some of the most popular national lotteries have rolled over many more times. For the latest news regarding the best European jackpots to play for this week, read on!

The SuperEnalotto is currently the talk of the town for every lottery player, as it has rolled over a whopping 67 times, amassing a jackpot of €42,800,000 in the process. The SuperEnalotto has not been won since 30th August 2012, and although it is famed for its immense rollover periods due to its hard to crack 6/90 matrix, this looks like it could be heading towards a record breaking rollover period.

The EuroJackpot will also be watched closely this week by players, as the draw on Friday 8th February 2013 will mark the first rollover draw that sees the six new countries participate in the lottery. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia all joined the EuroJackpot on 1st February 2013, but as the draw last Friday was for a minimum jackpot, this week will be the first time we could see the effect of the new ticket sales. The EuroJackpot now has eleven countries participating in its lottery, so we anticipate big jackpots in the weeks ahead!

Finally of course there is the Euromillions, Europe’s biggest and most established lottery. The draw on Tuesday 5th February 2013 will see a single rollover jackpot of €18 / £21 million on offer for the player or players able to match all five numbers and two Lucky Stars. But, with four jackpots won this year so far and six rollovers, it really is anyone’s guess as to what will happen this week!

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Written by Grace Mee

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