Get Your Tickets Ready For Weekend Lotteries

This weekend sees a weekend of lower lottery jackpots than we have been used to recently, making it a perfect time to buy your tickets and still be in with a chance of winning millions! The Euromillions is a single rollover, after no winner matched all six numbers in Tuesday’s draw, which leads to an estimated jackpot of £21 / €27 million. Then there is the UK Lotto, which was won on Wednesday’s draw after having rolled twice and now sees a new jackpot of an estimated £4 million. Finally, the Irish Lottery, which had been rolling since the end of July was also won on Wednesday, by a single ticket holder, setting its Saturday jackpot back to an estimated €2 million.

Although lower jackpots tend to attract less interest than the bigger rollover jackpots we have been seeing in recent months, especially in the Euromillions, it is important to point out that there are still millions of Euros in jackpots available in these lotteries, even when they are at their lowest. Would you really turn down the chance to win £4 million because you want to wait for £8 million? Likewise, winning a Euromillions jackpot of £21 / €27 million will still see you become wealthier than Robert Pattinson, who has a fortune of $26.5 / £17 million, or rapper Lil Wayne, who has a wealth of $27 / £17.5 million.

Lower jackpots usually means lower ticket sales too, which means if you do manage to match those all important numbers, there is a lower chance of you having to share the jackpot! Why hold out to buy a UK Lotto ticket until it has rolled over three times when you could end up sharing a £6 million jackpot with four other ticket holders? Surely you are better off to win a lower jackpot and have it all to yourself!

So, with that in mind, don’t forget to pick up your lottery tickets this evening after work or the school run, and who knows, that jackpot you dismissed as “too small” could not only see you become a millionaire, but it could change your life!

Written by Lucy Lotto

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