Health Lottery Results For Saturday 18th February 2012

The Health Lottery results for Saturday 18th February 2012 boast a £200,000 double jackpot for any players who can match five main balls unlike all of the other main world lotteries who share any jackpot amount amongst all winners. Tonight saw the 20th draw from the Health Lottery and already this game, although still in its infancy, has produced a number of big winners; to date the biggest jackpot winner from the Health Lottery was a 23 year old woman from Bishop Auckland who brought her ticket in her local Lidl store.

Latest Health Lottery Results for 5 May 2012

  • 7
  • 27
  • 29
  • 36
  • 42

Of the main numbers drawn in tonight’s Health Lottery results two are listed in the most often drawn numbers category; 14 has been drawn five times since the game started making it the 3rd most common drawn number and 21 has been drawn four times putting it as one of the sixth most common drawn numbers.

There are still a few numbers that have yet to be seen in the Health Lottery results; understandable really considering the first draw only took place on 8th October 2011. To date we have not seen the numbers 2, 12, 13, 17, 22, 23, 40 and 50 appear – none of these appeared in tonight’s draw.

Last week we saw two winners each take home a £100,000 jackpot and the winning tickets were sold in Scunthorpe and London. Have tonight’s Health Lottery results found multiple jackpot winners or will the numbers above mean the game goes to a Second Chance Guaranteed Winner? We will update this page as details of winners are announced by the Health Lottery.

Written by Nicola Barber

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