Lottery Results for Saturday 3rd March 2012

As the UK celebrated another big Euromillions win, the 4th consecutive win in a row for this country, we take a look at the Lottery results for Saturday 3rd March 2012 from some of the other big lottery games from around the globe. Was the £4.2 million estimated jackpot for Lotto won? Did the $50 million Powerball jackpot roll again and has anyone won the Superenalotto yet? We’ll take you through numerous lottery results from last night, look at the numbers drawn and the big winners on a selection of the most popular world lotteries.

UK Lotto Results

  • 7 – 20 – 23 – 28 – 31 – 40 Bonus Ball: 42

Merlin and set of balls number 4 were responsible for producing the numbers for the lottery results of 3rd March for the UK Lotto. Of the numbers that were drawn a few have interesting statistical history; 23 came out for the 227th time making it the 4th most common drawn number whilst 40 appeared for the 225th time placing it in 6th position in the same category. At the opposite end of the spectrum the number 20 is the least often drawn number and despite coming out in last night’s lottery results, remains in the number one position in this category. There were three jackpot winners who shared the £4,120,260 top prize.

Health Lottery Results

  • 2 – 15 – 19 – 32 – 42

Last night saw only the 22nd draw for the Health Lottery and it offered a £100,000 jackpot to all players who could match the five main balls drawn. The number two appeared for the first time in last night’s Health Lottery results whilst the number 15 came out for the 5th time since this lottery began on 8th October 2011 making it the 3rd most commonly drawn number for this fairly new lottery game. There were no jackpot winners for last night but 12,391 managed to match either three numbers for £50 or four for £500.

Irish Lottery Results

  • 12 – 13 – 25 – 36 – 41 – 45 Bonus Ball: 28

The Irish Lottery results for last night once again failed to find a jackpot winner creating the 5th consecutive rollover since the draw of 15th February 2012. Whilst the jackpot remained elusive there was one winner who matched five main balls and the bonus for a €25,000 second prize tier win. Of the numbers drawn we saw 12 and 13 appear, two numbers that are both the 3rd most common drawn numbers in the Irish Lottery results having appeared 88 times each. The jackpot for the next Irish Lottery draw is now estimated at €5 million.

Powerball Results

  • 29 – 30 – 45 – 47 – 49 Powerball: 35 

Although the jackpot for Powerball was substantially less for this multi-state lottery in comparison with MegaMillions it was still higher than many of the other world lotteries available at an estimated $50 million. Once again there were no winners of the jackpot meaning it has now rolled to an estimated $60 million for the next draw. Whilst the jackpot remained elusive once again, there were five winners who matched five main balls. Two of these winners had the Powerplay in play and doubled the $1 million prize.

Superenalotto Results

  • 16 – 19 – 31 – 46 – 69 – 74 Jolly: 62 Superstar: 82

Once again the Superenalotto results revealed another rollover for this Italian lottery which means the jackpot has now reached over €70 million for the next draw. Even the second prize tier for matching five main balls and the jolly remained unclaimed. However there were 15 winners who matched five main balls for a prize of €31,684. We have yet to see a jackpot winner for the Superenalotto in 2012, in fact the last time the jackpot was won on the Italian lottery was on 22nd September 2011!

Australian Saturday Lotto Results

  • 4 – 5 – 11 – 12 – 14 – 31 Supplementary numbers: 6 and 16

There were an impressive nine winners who shared the Australian Saturday Lotto jackpot to take home a cash prize of AUD $474,094.13 in the first draw for this lottery in March. As well as nine jackpot winners there were 97 winners who took the second prize tier amount of AUD $5969.50 whilst a whopping 329,606 winners took the lowest prize available from the Australian Lotto of AUD $12.40.

Written by Nicola Barber

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