Mega Sena Celebrates Christmas and New Year With Big Jackpots

There are a variety of special Christmas jackpots on offer to win in various world lotteries this festive season. The EuroMillions has is giving away a total of 50 £1 million prizes in the UK Millionaire Raffle players across two draws and one of the biggest lotteries in the world the El Gordo Navidad will take place on the 22nd December. Another lottery that has some impressive jackpots for this festive season is the Mega Sena and this lottery is celebrating both Christmas and New Year by giving players the chance to win some big jackpots.

Federal Lottery Christmas Special

The Mega Sena draw to celebrate Christmas takes place on the 22nd December and it is bound to catch player’s attention as there is a tasty jackpot on offer to win. This Christmas jackpot on offer to win in this Federal Lottery Christmas Special is worth $R 4 million and much like the El Gordo Navidad players can purchase tickets for this lottery in either modality units, integer or fractions and each ticket has ten fractions, therefore if you purchase a fraction of a ticket and win the jackpot then you will win a tenth of the jackpot.

Mega Sena – Mega Da Virada Lottery

The other Mega Sena draw taking place this festive season is the Mega de Virada which takes place on the 31st December 2012. This yearly lottery game is popular with players as the jackpot on offer to win is an impressive R$ 180 million ($85 million). To win this impressive jackpot you have to match all six of the numbers drawn from a selection of 1 to 60 however there are also other prizes on offer to win. The prizes and odds for this Mega Da Virada draw are:

The special thing about this Mega Sena draw on New Year’s Day is that if no players manage to match the six numbers drawn then the impressive jackpot will roll down and be shared between players in the next winning prize tier. Therefore if you fancy winning yourself a prize in the Mega Sena over this festive season make sure you have your tickets ready.

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Written by Grace Mee

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