Unclaimed Lottery Prizes – Was it You?

For most players, buying a lottery ticket is a chance at becoming instantly rich. No more working, no more 9 – 5 routine; for the majority of players, they will be watching the lotto draws with their ticket clasped firmly in hand, waiting with baited breath to see if they have won the lotto jackpot and matched all the numbers. However, some players buy their tickets with all the intention of watching the draw or checking their numbers online afterwards and then they simply forget. This can often mean at any time, lotteries are sitting on huge unclaimed jackpot funds which can often run into the millions!

All lotteries have a different number of days in which they have to be claimed – for example, Irish Lottery prizes have to be claimed in 90 days, whereas UK Lotto players have 180 days. Euromillions claims can vary from country to country, but usually they also have 180 days in which to claim their prize. If prizes are not claimed within this strict time frame, the prize you won will expire, and the money – in most cases – is redistributed back into either the prize pool or the Good Causes fund.

At the moment, there are four major unclaimed prizes in the Euromillions lottery alone in the last six months, including one massive jackpot of £63,837,543. This has been won by a UK player, who bought their ticket from the Stevenage / Hitchin area for the draw on the 8th June 2012. However, they have not yet come forward to claim their prize – they have until 5th December 2012 to come forward or risk losing that life changing jackpot.

There are many reasons why lottery players don’t come forward – maybe because they haven’t checked their tickets, maybe the ticket is lost or maybe they are just nervous. One player of the Australian Lottery took six months to come forward to claim his prize of several million dollars, as he wanted to “get used to it” before he got his hands on it.

Generally however, most players have not claimed as they have either not checked their numbers or they have lost their tickets. As such, we have developed some handy guides for players out there – we have a Euromillions and Lottery app for the iPhone and Android phones, so you can check your numbers from whenever you are, plus we have a handy numbers checker online. So head over there now, check your numbers and see if you are owed a big outstanding prize!

Written by Grace Mee

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