Weekend Of Lottery Rollover Jackpots

The weekend has rolled around again, and thoughts are turning to the lotteries which are to be drawn this weekend. If you are undecided as to which one to play, you have copious choice this week as we see a Rollover Weekend, with major lotteries from the UK, Europe and North America all reaching high jackpots after finding no winning ticket holders for the previous weeks. So which lottery jackpots are looking the biggest? We take a quick look.

In the UK, the UK Lotto jackpot will be rolling over for the second time, as no player won during the midweek draw. This brings the jackpot to an estimated £6.3 million – which may not sound like a lot, but with odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 13.9 million, this lotto has significantly better odds than some of the larger lotteries. Plus, with a bottom tier prize of £10 for matching three numbers, the lowest prize you can win is still a healthy figure.

The Euromillions jackpot sees a triple rollover in tonight’s draw, with an estimated jackpot of £37 / €46 million which is bound to send ticket sales soaring. Plus, with the news that there is to be a “Super Jackpot” set at €100 million on Friday, 28th September 2012, the Euromillions is bound to be capturing the attention of lotto players this month.

Over in the USA, the Powerball and Mega Millions draws are also seeing increased interest, as both jackpots have hit the $100 million mark this week. The Powerball, which is due to be drawn on Saturday 8th September 2012 will see a jackpot of an estimated $100 million after rolling over six times. The Mega Millions meanwhile, which is set to be drawn tonight, has reached $105 million after rolling over since the end of July.

Written by Grace Mee

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