World Lottery Jackpots Elusive This Weekend

This weekend was an unusual one in the world of lotteries, as players across the globe saw no jackpot winners for the largest multi-country draws, including the Euromillions, the US Powerball, Megamillions or Eurojackpot. All four of these lotteries will see rollover jackpots for their next draws, which is still good news for players as it means bigger prizes! However, luckily, we can count on the smaller lotteries to still provide us with some winners, with the UK Lotto seeing one jackpot winner and the Saturday Australian Lotto seeing three top tier winners. So read on for more details!

The Euromillions currently stands at approximately €54 / £43 million, and the next draw on Tuesday 16th October 2012 will see players in with a chance of scooping that quadruple rollover by matching all five numbers and two Lucky Stars. The US Powerball jackpot sees a triple rollover jackpot of an estimated $70 million for its midweek draw, and the Megamillions jackpot is hot on its heels with an estimated $61 million, after rolling over a massive eight times. The EuroJackpot is currently estimated at €19 million for its next draw, after having rolled over since the end of August.

However, it wasn’t all near misses this weekend. The UK Lotto saw one lucky winner scoop its double rollover jackpot of a whopping £7.1 million in the draw on Saturday 13th October 2012, so check those results to see if you were that lucky winner! Plus, the Australian Saturday Lotto saw three winners share its jackpot of AUD$4.1 million, and the Mega Sena finally saw a winner after its own rollover streak, with one lucky player bagging a R$33.9 million jackpot.

Of course, this all means there is more to play for this week, so whichever lottery you play, get your tickets in plenty of time for the next draw, and fingers crossed this time for more winners!

Written by Grace Mee

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