Health Lottery Results for Saturday 7th April 2012

For two weeks now the Health Lottery jackpot of £100,000 has remained elusive but unlike other lotteries the jackpot does not roll over. Have the Health Lottery results for Saturday 7th April 2012 found a winner of the main jackpot or has it once again proved to be just out of reach for players? There has only been 27 draws for the Health Lottery but already this fairly new game has made a number of winners substantially richer. Whilst it may not boast jackpots of the proportions we see in games like Euromillions, it’s still proving popular.

Latest Health Lottery Results for 28 April 2012

  • 7
  • 17
  • 27
  • 39
  • 41

Although there have been 27 draws for this game the Health Lottery results have yet to produce three of the main balls. We have yet to see 12, 23 and 50 make appearances in the Health Lottery results.

Statistics for the numbers are a little thin on the ground in comparison with other lotteries but this is simply because the Health Lottery is still in its infancy. However we are seeing a few numbers drawn in the Health Lottery results on a fairly regular basis. The number 7 is the most often draw number but hasn’t made an appearance for 42 days; it was last drawn on 25th February 2012.

In the Health Lottery results for Saturday 7th April we saw none of the most common numbers make an appearance.

There was one winning jackpot ticket in last night’s draw, a ticket sold in Birmingham, but also over 14,000 players scooped a prize of either £50 or £500.

Written by Nicola Barber

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Lottery Results for Saturday 24th March 2012

As another week comes to an end so does another selection of weekend lottery results that will have changed the lives of the winners. The lottery results for Saturday 24th March 2012 revealed a selection of rollovers and some quite substantial winners from the various lotteries around the globe. The biggest of the jackpots available last night was from the Superenalotto that offered over €77 million but was it won last night or has it rolled again? Read on for all the lottery results from a selection of lottery draws that took place last night.

UK Lotto Results

  • 6 – 24 – 27 – 31 – 39 – 45 Bonus Ball: 32

Lancelot and set of balls number 4 were responsible for producing the numbers for the lottery results of 24th March for the UK Lotto. Of the numbers that were drawn few have interesting statistical history; 31 came out for the 227th time making it the 6th most common drawn number. There were four jackpot winners who shared the £4,309,308 top prize.

Health Lottery Results

  • 1 – 2 – 6 – 10 – 42

It was the 25th Health Lottery draw last night and there were no winners able to match the five main balls for the guaranteed jackpot of £100,000. It is reported that 17,000 lucky tickets matched four or three main balls winning £500 or £50 respectively. Of the numbers drawn 1 and 6 appeared together in the same result for the third time since the start of the Health Lottery making these the highest emerging common pair.

Irish Lottery Results

  • 1 – 3 – 20 – 31 – 34 – 38 Bonus Ball: 33

The jackpot up for grabs in last night’s Irish Lottery was over €9.5 million but once again the jackpot rolled as there were no winners who matched the six main numbers. However the second prize tier managed to uncover two winners in last night’s Irish Lottery results. This lottery has now rolled eleven times with the last jackpot winner found on 15th February when they took home just over €4.5 million. The next jackpot for the Irish Lottery is estimated at €10 million.

Powerball Lottery Results

  • 1 – 15 – 35 – 37 – 47 Powerball: 8

The Saturday Powerball draw didn’t see a winner of the $40 million jackpot last night which means it rolls over into the next draw with an estimated jackpot of $50 million. There was only one winner in the second prize tier for matching five main balls who has won a notable one million dollars.

Superenalotto Lottery Results

  • 39 – 45 – 49 – 66 – 75 – 80 Jolly number: 77 Superstar: 74

Once again the Superenalotto results revealed another rollover for this Italian lottery which means the jackpot has now reached over €77 million for the next draw. The second prize tier for matching five main balls and the jolly was claimed by one lucky winner who will receive over €600,000. Six lucky winners also matched five main balls for a prize of €78,281. We have yet to see a jackpot winner for the Superenalotto in 2012, in fact the last time the jackpot was won on the Italian lottery was on 22nd September 2011!

Saturday Australian Lotto Results

  • 17 – 27 – 29 – 39 – 42 – 45 Supplementary numbers: 8 and 10

The Saturday Australian Lotto jackpot was won again last night with five lucky winners sharing the AUD $4,259,767 jackpot prize. In total there were over 500,000 winners of which 344,512 took the lowest prize tier of AUD $11.85 for matching one or two main balls and the two supplementary numbers.  The estimated jackpot for the next draw is AUD $21 million so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to win this extraordinary amount.

Written by Nicola Barber

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The California lottery


The California lottery was approved with the aim to provide extra funds for schools in California. Just like many other lotteries in the United States and Canada, the law establishes that state California lottery cannot offer fixed prizes, instead the lottery jackpot depends on sales and the number of winning lottery numbers. Play and win with bonoloto.

There are a couple of lottery choices available in California. The main lottery is the Super Lotto Plus that allows us to choose five numbers from a list from 1 to 47 and a bonus number known as the mega number from a list from 1 to 27. It is a game of lottery of six numbers whose results are drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays and that grant prizes of thousands of dollars.

As in many states, the Mega Millions lottery is extremely popular in California. California joined the Mega Millions lottery in 2005. In order to play Mega Millions the lottery player has to choose five numbers from a list of numbers from 1 to 56 and a number called mega number from a list of numbers from 1 to 46.

It is a unique lottery since we can choose as much as extra 20 plays and combines them for one draw. The lottery ticket is worth one dollar per play. The lottery is played every Thursday and Friday and are widely broadcasted in the media.

Another very popular lottery game in California is the Daily 3, a game in which we have to choose a group of three numbers, from zero to nine, and select how we want to play the numbers to win in the lottery.

How to win with lottery games


The main advantage lottery players get in online lottery games is that they are able to play from their own home, without looking for the close lottery seller. Besides, players can access a broader assortment of lottery games, like lotteries from other cities and from other countries. The process is simple because they can buy as many lottery tickets as they want.

Also, the methods used to bet in these sites are really easy to apply and, in general, we will find clear and precise instructions published in the sites themselves. The conditions and rules of a certain lottery site should also be published for the lottery player to get familiar with them, as well as the prizes tables and the terms and conditions of the bonuses.

The clearer the terms and conditions are published in the lottery site, the easier it will be for lottery players to make their bets and deposit money with complete confidence and security. In online lottery games we will find different bet modes, which represent a great advantage for the player.

In a site that offers different kinds of lottery bets we will be able to select the best one and the one that fits our preferences and our budget. When it comes to choosing a lottery site with quality and prestige, the best method to follow is to visit several sites and decide which one is the best for us.

The origin of lottery


The origins of lottery go back to 205 and 187 B.C., during the Han dynasty in the territory where China is located nowadays. It is believed that the keno game, a game similar to lottery that is still played in modern casinos, appeared in the same period of time. It is even believed that in those times lotteries were used to finance government projects, including one of the most famous projects of all times: the Great Wall of China.

References to lottery have been found in ancient texts from several civilizations, from the ancient China to the Celts and from ancient Greece to The Iliad by Homer. The first European lottery took place in the Roman Empire. At the beginning these lotteries were played just as a way of entertainment in diners organized by nobles. However, there are records about the sale of lottery tickets to collect funds for the city of Rome under the ruling of Caesar Augustus.

In 1434 the first public lotteries started in Denmark. In Flanders (nowadays Belgium, Holland and France) the first lotteries offered cash prizes in several towns a decade later. The goal of these first lotteries for money was to help the poor and collect funds to fortify towns.

By the end of the 16th century the English people started offering lotteries. The first lottery was decreed by Queen Elizabeth I in 1566 but was not played until 1569. This lottery was very different to the ones offered up until that moment since all lottery ticket owners won a prize and the value of the prizes was equal to the money collected with sales.

After this first lottery the government sold the rights to sell lottery to businessmen who hired agents to sell the lottery to the public. Lotteries managed by the government worked in this way until 1826 when the parliament declared the end of lotteries.

However, during the period previous to that decision many private lotteries took place, including one to collect money for the Virgin Company in London to sponsor the Jamestown settlement, the first permanent English settlement in America.

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